No heavy-duty lifting equipment is needed for the assembly. Smaller buildings can be erected using only scaffolding. Larger buildings (with a width over 10m) do, however, require the use of a scissor-lift platform.

The first stage of the assembly is to prop the fastening strips of the arches onto the plinths. The next stage is erecting the arches. The first arch must be well supported but the support can be removed once 5-7 arches have been joined together. The final stage is the placement of end walls.

There are several options for installing steel arch halls to suit the needs, skills and budget of every customer. We always deliver all the required steel parts.


  1. Ready to use: includes installation of the building onto a previously laid foundation.
  2. The customer has use of their own manpower but a representative of our company will come guide and assist during the start of the assembly or at various points of the project. This is charged by whole working days according to the required amount and with the addition of travel expenses.
  3. Independent assembly. Instructions are provided at our factory or another location before work starts.

Installation time with 2-3 workers 50-60m² ready in a day!